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Facelift for City Hall

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Thursday September 04, 2014

Now that the weather has been dry and warm for a few weeks, the long awaited City Hall exterior improvements have begun! You may have noticed the activity when driving along Dorset Street this past week and are curious to know what upgrades South Burlington’s central building will be receiving through early fall. The renovations include extensive stormwater improvements as well as hardscaping, with a new sidewalk from the entrance of the main city office out to Dorset Street.

Visitors can also expect to see new landscaping in the front of the building, and the entire building will be power-washed and painted. The South Burlington Rotary Club began working with the city last year to offer assistance in improving the front entrance. They donated the cost for a landscape architect to re-design the layout in front of the building, working on the design with city staff to ensure it meets the needs of the community. The design includes some new plantings and additional site amenities, according to Deputy City Manager Tom Hubbard. Planting and landscaping will take place this fall and in the spring of 2015, as mid-September is the anticipated completion date for the major construction.

The final piece of the project will include paving the front and rear parking areas of the building. Painting of the building and paving will cost $97,500 and these projects should be completed by mid-October. The FY14 contingency money and city office improvement funds that were approved as part of the budget will cover the expenses for this work.

The stormwater construction contract is for $226,716.48 and is being funded by the stormwater utility. The stormwater portion of the project is necessary to provide stormwater treatment for the property since there was no previous detention or treatment runoff. The stormwater improvements, once completed, will not be visible since that infrastructure is primarily underground.

Hubbard said, “We’re excited about the progress being made!”

SOURCE: Corey Burdick, Correspondent