Scientists and hockey players and a therapy dog, oh my! Chamberlain students enjoy a variety of visitors at Family Night in correspondence with the Scholasitc Book Fair.

Family Night at Chamberlin School

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Thursday March 07, 2013

 The PTO and school librarian, Cally Flickinger,  recently sponsored Family Night at Chamberlin School.  Along with the traditional spaghetti dinner and bake sale, families were treated to a variety of events throughout the evening that corresponded with our Scholastic Book Fair.  Scientists from the University of Vermont conducted experiments, including freezing a banana and a carnation with liquid nitrogen to make the objects extremely brittle.  Guest readers included members of the University Of Vermont Men’s Hockey Team and Fiona the therapy dog with her owner, ELL teacher Jennifer Opel.  Families were also welcome to create “literature gardens” – craft material gardens that were inspired from picture books about plants and gardening.  It was a wonderful evening of food, fun and reading at the annual Chamberlin School Family Night!

SOURCE: Chamberlin School