The Dicing Divas team (L to R) Petra Langan, Katrina Khosravi and Gabi Ambrosino win the “Crowd Pleaser” award at the March 21 Junior Iron Chef Vermont competition. The “Crowd Pleaser” award goes to the team that best incorporates color, texture, and taste for a true crowd-pleasing dish. The team was coached by FHTMS Librarian Amy Blauvelt (far right).

FHTMS Dicing Divas Win Jr. Iron Chef Award

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Thursday March 26, 2015

FH Tuttle Middle School (FHTMS) students cooked up a prize winning dish at the 2015 Junior Iron Chef competition, Saturday, March 21.

Jr. Iron Chef Vermont is a statewide culinary competition that challenges teams of middle and high school students to create healthy, local dishes that inspire school meal programs.The mission of Junior Iron Chef Vermont is to empower Vermont students to develop healthy eating habits through the use of whole local foods.

The competition is held once a year, though its influence and impact extends well beyond the event. Students from FHTMS joined in competition with teams from more than 55 Vermont schools.

FHTMS had its own preliminary culinary competition, “Rebel Chef”, to determine which team(s) would go to the statewide competition, held at the Champlain Valley Exposition. The South Burlington District Nutritional Service Department and its director, Rhonda Ketner, and the Family and Consumer Science Department and teacher, Maureen Locker, supported the preliminary practice sessions and competition.

Starting in September, the teams worked to develop recipes, learn basic cooking techniques, and explore new foods, like local rutabaga. Once a recipe was chosen, students practiced an average of six times, with increasing accuracy and confidence at every meeting.

The team that was judged the best to represent FH Tuttle Middle School was the “The Dicing Divas”.

The Dicing Divas was coached by FH Tuttle Library Services Director, AmyBlauvelt, a gourmet cook in her own right. The Dicing Divas Team consisted of three 7th grade students: Gabi Ambrosino, Katrina Khosravi and Petra Langan. These 7th grade chefs were so busy with their school work and other extracurricular activities, that they practiced on their own time at their houses, rather than the school-based practice sessions.

And their hard work and dedication paid off! The Dicing Divas and their entry, Individual Roasted Root Vegetable Pot Pie, won The Crowd Pleaser award. The Crowd Pleaser award goes to the team that best incorporates color, texture, and taste for a true crowd-pleasing dish. For this recipe and others, visit