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Thursday December 03, 2015

Over 170 Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School (FHTMS) students and their families enjoyed an evening bonfire on the fields next to the middle school Friday, October 30. The event was planned and sponsored by the FHTMS PTO and administration. 

In addition to a roaring fire, there were activities, food and drink, which were all provided completely free of charge to the FHTMS community. Students wore glow necklaces and finger flashlights while they played night basketball, soccer, and glow-in-the dark badminton. In one corner of the field, kids gathered to watch the movie Hotel Transylvania, while other kids socialized in groups enjoying the creepy Halloween-themed music that played throughout the night. A donut jump game provided fun as people tried to eat a donut off a dangling string. The bravest attendees visited the “Poor Joe” Tent to be spooked by scary stories. Everyone munched on popcorn and cider donuts and drank hot cocoa and cider. Throughout the night, the blazing fire provided warmth and light.

The FHTMS teachers provided an incentive to attend the bonfire event – the class with the largest attendance at the bonfire received one “Homework Pass” for each student in the class. The eighth graders were the big winners, with over 70 students at the bonfire.

Many people and businesses contributed to the success of the night. Firefighters from the South Burlington Fire Department were on-site to ensure the fire was under control. Parents volunteered to maintain the fire, supervise students, and hand out food and beverages. Ace Hardware and Lowes’ donated around 50 pallets for the fire. The Mill Market & Deli provided a substantial discount on donuts and cider so that the PTO could provide food for 350 people free of charge.

It was a wonderful, fun night for all. The school administration and parents all agreed that it was a great way to bring teachers, students, staff and parents together to build a strong FHTMS community. 

Planning for next year’s bonfire is already underway.

Kathie Borrazzo and Janette Hasenecz, FHTMS PTO