FHTMS nutritional staff in their winning aprons: (back row, L-R) Doug Watkin, Joan Foley, Dottie Hardy, Korey Davis, (front row, L-R) Karen Davis, Tonya Lord, Angela Boisvert, Val Patten

FHTMS Nutritional Staff Wins Contest

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Thursday August 20, 2015

The Learning Zone Express (LZX), a national provider of nutrition education resources, held a contest last April to celebrate school nutritional service workers. LZX asked for stories that demonstrate how nutritional staff serves their school community. Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School (FHTMS) former school nurse Kary Towne answered the call and her story was the winning entry. For the win, LZX featured the FHTMS nutritional staff on their website and gave each staff member an LZX “Choose My Plate” apron.

Here is Towne’s winning story recognizing the FHTMS staff:

As the school nurse, I had a student with me who was not feeling well and he really could not go into the cafeteria to get his lunch. I told him I would get him something and bring it back for him and headed down to the cafeteria. When I got to the hot lunch line and our nutritional staff, I told them I needed a lunch for A.B. and was deciding what to choose for him. We have over 500 students in our school. The staff immediately started in, “His favorite is a turkey sandwich on wheat, little bit of mayo and cheese. He also likes tomatoes on his sandwich with a little bit of lettuce.” They went on to tell me his favorite drink and side dishes. They actually began a discussion among themselves, “What about carrots?” “He likes carrots.” I could not believe they were that familiar with our students and they knew what many of them liked. It brought a smile to A.B.’s face when I told him about this and how they wanted to make sure he got his favorites when he wasn’t feeling well. Our staff takes care of our kids!