Senior Livia Hirsch, SBHS 2014 (right)), with one of the Yuna Yang models, during her Fashion Week internship in NYC.

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Thursday October 17, 2013

If Vermont doesn’t have the answers you need, you might try broadening the search, and by broaden I mean as far as New York City. New York City is the American version of Paris when it comes to fashion. During the past two fall seasons, I have been to the New York Fashion Week as a result of the many hours that I spent researching internship opportunities. I was determined to make my passion a reality! 

I took the time, thoughtfully, to construct a clear cover letter and a professional resume before mailing it to multiple companies. I was thrilled when two of the internship placements responded. They interviewed me by telephone and then offered me the internship. I packed all my black clothes and took the bus to New York City where I stayed with family friends. 

It was a bit different each time, but my experience with Yuna Yang (NYC Designer) was probably the most typical. The show took place in a rather non-descript building down on 42nd Street. When I arrived, the first thing I did was help unload the truck which contained the outfits for the show. This is where I met the other 15 interns. As with any new experience, I was nervous but you have to jump-in, think “on-your-feet” and get the job completed with minimal instruction. It is always a huge learning curve!

Next, we had to set up the runway, which involved moving heavy round wooden tables out of our room and down 4 flights of stairs, and out of the way. After that, we set up over 100 chairs, leaving space between them to create the runway. 
Once the runway was ready, we stood around while the models did a final walkthrough. Once the models came backstage, we unpacked the clothes and started dressing the models in their first look. Their outfit had to match a photo that was provided as a guide. The clothes were pretty and surprisingly wearable. Once the models were dressed, the press was allowed backstage. During this time, we checked the second outfit and generally just tried to stay out from under foot. 

At last, it was show time. 

All the models lined up, waiting for their turn to walk the walk. Once a model came back from the runway, we had to hurry to change her into her second look. This is the high stress moment of the evening because we have only about a minute and a half to make our model look runway ready. Of course, there are always things that go wrong, such as a dress that one model is supposed to wear is on another model or a zipper won’t zip, but we improvised when problems like that came up and soon the show was over.

It was an exhausting but unforgettable experience, and I can’t wait to do it again.
All SBHS students are encouraged to develop a meaningful cover letter and resume and/or seek internship opportunities via the  SBHS Career Development Center (CDC) or contact Nancy LaVarnway at


Livia Hirsch (2014), CDC Correspondent

Livia Hirsch (2014)