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Fitzgerald Seeks Reelection to School Board

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Thursday February 08, 2018

Elizabeth Fitzgerald is seeking reelection to the South Burlington School Board. “After 12 years of service on the board, I continue to learn more about the complexities and challenges of providing a K-12 public education in Vermont. I believe that continuity of representation on the board can serve South Burlington citizens most effectively,” said Fitzgerald.

A native Vermonter, Fitzgerald was born and raised in Winooski. She returned to the Green Mountain State in 2004 with her two children, both of whom attended South Burlington schools. “I recognize the value of a solid education,” she said, “and I decided over a decade ago to volunteer to serve on the school board to contribute to my community and to help our South Burlington students receive the most benefit from their education.”

Recently retired, Fitzgerald brings over 30 years’ experience in global business and healthcare, having worked in research and development, marketing, strategic planning, business development and general management.

Throughout her tenure on the board, Fitzgerald has shown a substantial commitment of time and energy. She has served in leadership roles and on subcommittees, taking on a variety of issues, including performance evaluations, facilities stewardship plans, community engagement opportunities, strategic planning, contract negotiations, and policy governance practices.

“It is my hope to continue to address the concerns that affect the school district’s mission,” said Fitzgerald. “If reelected, I will maintain my commitment to serving all stakeholders, including students, parents and guardians, our valued staff and administration, and the entire community. The board plays a vital role in providing an education that prepares our children for their future and respects the financial support provided by our South Burlington taxpayers.”