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Thursday June 07, 2012

The Board of Trustees of the SB Community Library, working cooperatively with Louise Murphy, Library director, recently adopted a revised plan for the Library for the next five years.  In developing the Plan, the Board sought input from Library staff, community stakeholders and the community at large.  Central to community feedback was a widely distributed survey about the Library in 2011, completed by over 400 respondents.  In addition, comments from patrons have been collected on a regular basis over the course of several years.

The Library Board and Library Director believe that the plan reflects the expectations and aspirations for the Library for all of South Burlington’s citizens.  Copies of the survey and the Plan are available in the Library or on the Library’s web page.

The VT Department of Libraries requires public libraries to have a long-range plan that articulates their philosophies for serving their communities and an outline for achieving these results. These plans are filed with the VT Department of Libraries and are a requirement for grant applications. 

The Public Library Association has created a planning model for libraries to use when creating their long-range plans. The model identifies 18 typical service responses that public libraries may adopt to meet the unique needs of their community. The service responses selected for the South Burlington Community focus on these areas:

• Providing a diverse library collection that meets the needs and interests of the community

• Working towards creating a welcoming, comfortable library space

• Providing access to digital technologies and the online world

• Providing lifelong learning opportunities for all ages

• Promoting early childhood literacy

• Expanding library services for youth and teens

The Library Board and the Library Director are committed to use the plan as a working document that will frequently be referred to in planning and evaluating the success of the library in providing optimal services to our community. 

As outlined in the Executive Summary of the Plan, this is an exciting time for libraries.  Libraries are called upon to offer traditional library services and programming, and to serve as community hubs.  Libraries are also making transitions to provide the offerings of the digital age.  Libraries are an intrinsic, essential part of a community as settings in which all members of all ages of a community can share in learning and cultural experiences.  Libraries are a “value-added” community institution.  A strong Library attracts potential residents, businesses, and other cultural and civic venues.

South Burlington continues to grow in size and diversity.  Library statistics of the past five years, when the last Strategic Plan was completed, reflect this growth in greater attendance, greater circulation, and increased library holdings including books, periodicals, audiotapes, and other electronic media.  Despite this growth in population and offerings, the space assigned to the Community Library remains the same as it has been since 1979.  The space constraints continue to pose challenges.

We invite all our citizens to visit the Library regularly and enjoy the many services and programs we have to offer. Check our calendar of events in each issue of The Other Paper, visit our Facebook page and “like” us and make the South Burlington Community Library “your” library.

SOURCE: SB Community Library