Free Electric Vehicle Charging Station installed at Healthy Living

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Thursday November 03, 2011

Green Mountain Power (GMP) and Healthy Living Market recently unveiled a public electric vehicle (EV) charging station in the Healthy Living Market parking lot on Dorset Street in SB. Drivers will be able to charge an electric vehicle at no cost for the first year of operation. The charging station (pictured above) is incorporated into a striking sculpture of a tree by Vermont artist Kat Clear.

“What an exciting project for Healthy Living, GMP, and the City of South Burlington,” said Eli Lesser-Goldsmith,  Healthy Living’s owner and general manager. “Customers can fill up their electric cars while shopping for groceries. And the sculpture by Kat Clear makes this charging station the most unique and beautiful one I’ve ever seen. This is an excellent partnership that I hope to see grow as the market for electric cars grows.”

This new Coulomb Technologies CT2100 Chargepoint electric vehicle charging station is compatible with all electric vehicles on the market today. It includes customer-oriented features such as on-line and smartphone directions and reservations, driver notification of charge status, and effortless charging session initiation. The system will also provide feedback so that GMP can better understand how plug-in drivers use charging stations in the community.

The station will be paired with a net-metered solar array that is planned for the roof of Healthy Living Market. “The solar panel will help demonstrate how renewable energy fits in with new technologies to displace the carbon emissions from transportation,” said Mary Powell, president and CEO of Green Mountain Power.

It is anticipated that the electric vehicle market will grow in the coming years, with more than 100 plug-in electric or hybrid models available by 2013. The EV charging station will be different than the traditional gas station model, as fully charging a vehicle takes multiple hours, and will typically be done at home. However, it is expected that public charging stations will be used to “top off” electric vehicles to expand their range.