Students deliver fliers asking for forks and spoons.

Going Green with Metal

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Thursday November 21, 2013

Orchard School is getting greener! No longer will you find plastic utensils in the cafeteria. The school has gone back to using metal utensils. Less plastic in the landfill means a healthier Vermont, and a healthier Earth!    

Early in October Mr. Schmidt’s 2nd grade class students brought an issue to light during a discussion about the three R’s; reduce, reuse, recycle. The students wanted to know how people who did not have children in Orchard School would know that the school was asking for utensil donations. They were concerned that they might be missing a lot of people who could help reach the school’s goal of collecting 300 spoons.

“I asked them how they thought we could reach out to those people, and in minutes ideas were flying like crazy,”  said Mr. Schmidt.  “The group made a list of the ideas and voted on them. The idea with the most votes (based on time and energy necessary for its execution) was ‘The Fork and Spoon Project’.”  
The children then came up with an action plan. They created an informational flier using word processing software, and  used a collaborative writing process referred to as ‘best composite’ to which everyone contributed brilliantly. The flier informed neighbors all about the project including the who, what and when of the planned collection.  Through the fliers, people were asked to leave donations at the end of their driveway.   

The class went out on Monday, October 28, a cold, dreary day with spritzing rain, to hand out the fliers. The children did not mind, as they were determined to hand out as many as possible. After delivering a couple hundred fliers, the weather sent them back indoors and they were quite disappointed. “But we didn’t hand them all out yet”, was a common cry. Many students then volunteered to take some home and hand them out in their own neighborhoods. This meant that some children would pick up donations as they were out and about in  the neighborhood Trick-or-Treating.  

October 31 was a very exciting day, not only because it was Halloween, but also because it was the day chosen as pick up day. The class members walked about the neighborhood with high hopes. It wasn’t long before students spotted a bag at the end of a driveway with a fork and spoon. The children were very excited and realized they would have to be very observant as the first bag was almost missed.

By the time the walk-about was finished, each child had metal jingling in a bag. The children sorted and counted the silverware different ways, and then used several methods to find the total collected, turning the exercise into a math lesson! At that point there was a total of 301 pieces. More pieces rolled in from the Halloween night collection and there are now 350 pieces available for the cafeteria. 

Congratulations Second Graders from Orchard School, Room 22, on a project well completed!