Businesses and community members came together at the Golfing 4 Life event to raise funds and awareness for the Cancer Patient Support Foundation. L-R TLC Vice President Tim Fortune; Glenn Jarrett, partner at Jarrett & Luitjens; CPSF Executive Director Sarah Lemnah; TLC President and CEO Mohamed Basha; and Holly Keough, marketing director at Jarrett & Luitjens.

Golfing 4 Life

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Thursday October 12, 2017

Jarrett and Luitjens and TLC Homecare and Nursing Associates recently hosted their second annual nine-hole golf tournament, Golfing 4 Life. The two South Burlington businesses brought together golfers, volunteers, and local sponsors who all realized the importance of taking time out of their days to support the Cancer Patient Support Foundation, whose mission is to support cancer patients and their families in a time of extraordinary need, by providing financial assistance, underwriting counseling services, and acting as a resource during diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. The event raised over $9,000 and featured more than 40 area businesses taking part to support a great cause.

“The goal of this tournament is to provide a positive impact for our community and help support cancer patients and their families,” said TLC Vice President Tim Fortune.

“It’s important to support a generation that has supported us,” said Holly Keough, marketing director of Jarrett & Luitjens, adding, “100 percent of the money goes directly to individuals living with cancer.”

Although there was a downpour of rain on the day of the event, it did not dampen the positive energy at Golfing 4 Life. TLC President and CEO Mohamed Basha, said, “It’s about an amazing community coming together knowing a few hours of their day will change the outlook for many cancer patients. This is not just a tournament; it’s a gathering of people knowing that they are providing families with financial assistance, counseling, educational resources and the support of treatment and recovery.”