GOP Committee Shares Holiday Spirit

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Thursday January 05, 2017

Members of the South Burlington Republican Committee filled Christmas stockings with toys and other gifts to give to kids at the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital. Child Life Specialist Andrea Truedson met the committee members in the hospital’s lobby toting a large red wagon to accept the stockings and gifts. Laura Benner, chair of the South Burlington committee states, “If these gifts can take the children’s minds off their pain and worries for even a small amount of time, then we have done our job.” L-R front row Barbara Gross, Laura Benner, Andrea Truedson. L-R back row Cecile Wagner, John Stewart, Pat Nowak, Shane McCormack, Lenny Giles. Other committee members not pictured, Agnes Clift, Bob Nowak, Al Gross, Sam Handy, and Cathy Pontbriand.