Front row (L-R) Mehul Shah, Nathan Kakalec. Back Row (L-R) Asfar Basha, Trevor Houchens, Alexandre Chaulot. PHOTO: Paul Houchens

Green Mountain Boys’ State

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Thursday January 01, 1970

Five soon to be seniors at South Burlington High School (SBHS) recently attended the 2016 Green Mountain Boys’ State. The American Legion program, described as “a leadership laboratory for rising high school senior boys,” was held this year at Lyndon State College in Lyndonville. The central focus of Boys’ State is Vermont town, county, and state government, and its organization, policies and procedures. Delegates are elected and appointed to offices within the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government. The students work on issues relating to Vermont, and debate and discuss these issues during a session at the Vermont State House in Montpelier. Alex Chaulot, one of the five SBHS attendees, said of his experience, “The hard work of understanding and managing the multifaceted operation of our government was rewarding and showcased the system that allows for true democracy. Boys’ State has revealed to me my interest in public service, and has shown me the importance of both pragmatism and standing up for what you believe.”