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Thursday May 29, 2014

Green Up Day volunteers from the SBLT tracked the incoming items from families and groups on Green Up Day 2014. Items collected included lots of bottles, tire wheels, tires, an “ET” like figure, license plates, some yucky unidentifiable items and, literally, everything you could think of, including the kitchen sink!The first Saturday in May brought out families, friends, club groups and neighbors who scoured South Burlington roads, woods, grasslands and parking lots for trash, discarded tires and metal that had amassed over the previous year. The annual Green Up Day collection was organized  this year by Sophie Quest and Karen Ryder of the South Burlington Land Trust (SBLT) on behalf of the City of South Burlington. In addition to the work of cleaning up our city, the participants enjoyed food provided by Healthy Living, and exhibitions by the Vermontivate SB team, the Energy Committee, the Stream Team, and SBLT.  
Eventually, the 284 participants showed up at City Hall with their “treasures” and after all the numbers were in, the community netted 1.96 tons of bagged trash, 1.41 tons of tires and .6 tons of metal for a total of almost 4 tons. 
The best part of the day was hearing the stories and seeing the items brought in by fellow South Burlingtonians: There were old sinks, tire wheels, kids toys, an “ET” like figure, license plates, some yucky unidentifiable items and, literally, tons of other stuff. An afternoon appearance by the King, Elvis Presley made for good fun.  

GE Healthcare won the first prize for Most Trash collected with 33 bags, and the South Burlington Democratic Committee won the second prize with 27 bags collected. The Most Unusual Item prize went to two friends who were participating in Green Up Day for the first time and though we can describe the item- a big metal cylinder with holes, no one could actually identify what it was! The SBLT volunteer group ultimately figured out a re-use for the item and Bernie Paquette took it home to use as a composter. The second most unusual item was a fishing pole brought in by young Hannah Gustafson. It too found a new home when a boy who came in with his family looked it over and decided he would like to try it for fishing. You just never know what you might discover on Green Up Day.

A special thank you goes to Bernie Paquette who put tremendous effort into the event, assisting in the pre-event coordination, and on Green Up Day starting from set up throughout the day, acting as the official photographer and capturing lots of good information to help us plan for next year. He is truly Mister Green & Clean.

Now that another successful Green Up Day is completed, we thank all who participated in each and every activity. Our city is looking good. Let’s all make a concerted effort to keep it that way throughout the coming year.

The South Burlington Land Trust is a local membership organization dedicated to conserving open space, agriculture and wildlife habitat in our City. For more information visit