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Thursday July 19, 2012

At the City Council meeting Monday evening July 16, SB Legal Counsel Phil Woodward released a statement regarding the details of the agreement that has been reached between former City Manager of 21 years Charles Hafter and his wife Betty Moore-Hafter, and the City of South Burlington.

The Hafters’ suit and the City’s countersuit revolved around the former city manager’s eligibility for retirement and long term care benefits.

Woodward announced the following:  “The South Burlington City Council has voted to approve an agreement that will end the lawsuit started by former City Manager Charles Hafter and Betty Moore-Hafter and the City of South Burlington’s counter-suit. Under terms reached through mediation, the Hafters will pay the City $50,000 upon sale or ownership transfer of their home. The Hafters will pay the remaining premiums for their long-term care insurance plan and not repay the City for its previous premium payments. In order to realize substantial savings on the cost of this litigation, the Vermont League of Cities and Towns Property and Casualty Intermunicipal Fund, Inc., will make a one-time payment to the Hafters in the amount of $47,500 with a $2,500 City deductible. With the lawsuit now over, both the Council and the City’s public service employees may devote their time and energy to serving the citizens of South Burlington without the distraction of this ongoing litigation. The suit against City Manager Sanford Miller was dismissed without any payment to the Hafters.”

After this announcement, Paul Engels motioned to approve the settlement and Helen Riehle seconded. It was unanimously approved.

The following statement was issued by the Hafters’ lawyer Pietro Lynn:

“Mr. Hafter is extremely pleased with the settlement of his lawsuit against the City of South Burlington.  It is confirmation of his work during his 21-year tenure as City Manager.  The terms of settlement recognize the legitimacy of his entitlement to the benefits the City disputed and the validity of his other claims raised. Mr. Hafter is happy to have this matter resolved.  He believes that South Burlington is a wonderful city and he looks forward to participating in his community.  He will work hard to support the city as a community member. Chuck would like to thank all of the many residents, friends, municipal managers, former Council members, and city employees who supported him during this time.”

SOURCE: Corey Burdick, Correspondent