Megan Brook and Tima plant coffee and papaya trees in Haiti.

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Thursday May 23, 2013

June 10th South Burlington resident Meg Brook will depart for her 5th trip to Haiti. Brook, who is the Executive Director of a local non-profit, Volunteers For Peace (, is heading to Haiti with seven volunteers from around the country for a two-week service project. “All our projects in Haiti focus on kids, education, health and the environment,” explains Brook, “but we reach our goals by working with the local community and focusing on people-to-people exchanges.” 

This summer Brook’s volunteers will be focusing on three projects: construction of a vocational school, supporting a summer day camp for kids, and water and health education of students and community leaders. “One of the most striking lessons from my time in Haiti is the importance of community,” reflects Brook. “We work in very rural areas without running water, electricity, refrigeration, TV and many other things we take for granted every day. It is interesting to watch the volunteers evaluate what really makes a person happy and what is most important in life.” Brook expects about 30 volunteers to serve in Haiti this summer.

Brook is collecting donations for her upcoming trip including new or gently used laptop computers (for a computer lab at the new vocational school); smart phones with chargers and microscopes (for the water education project and Haitian leaders);  and back-packs, shoes and glasses (to meet general community needs). “We can also use more volunteers,” Brook states, “and like any non-profit cash donations are greatly appreciated and central to continuing our work in Haiti.” If you are interested in volunteering, would like to make a donation, or have items to send to Haiti please contact Meg at or 802-540-3060.