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Thursday October 27, 2011

Want to help improve the condition of South Burlington’s sidewalks, streets, bike lanes, and paths?
During October & November, volunteers will be heading out to South Burlington neighborhoods to review and report on sidewalks, streets, bike lanes and paths, signage, and signal lights.  The South Burlington Rec Path Committee and Local Motion are looking for people to help. You can work on your own or in teams of two. It’s easy—you’ll use a form to record what you see, and it will take just a couple of hours of your time.
By observing and reporting problems on streets, sidewalks and pathways, each of us has an opportunity to help our community become more “user friendly” and safer for walking, cycling, and driving.
Once the information is collected, it will be entered online at This is an easy-to-use website for posting problems and their locations so that South Burlington’s Public Works Department becomes aware of it.
These are the categories and issues that will be addressed:
• Pavement: potholes & cracks

• Sidewalks: cracked, broken, or heaved; missing segments

• Off-Street Paths: potholes, crumbling, eroded

• Markings: faded; missing or misaligned crosswalk; lane marking or stencil issues

• Signage: missing, damaged, misaligned, poorly placed

• Signals: not working, misplaced

• Drainage & Debris: blockages, debris; manhole cover or grating not seated

• Vegetation: blocking intersection sight lines, obstructing travel
For urgent problems that need to be fixed as quickly as possible—call 658-7961 immediately.  These are things like:
• Traffic light and sign problems

• Sewer back-ups

• Stormwater drainage issues

• Hazardous trees on public property
Want to take a walk in the beautiful fall air and help with this project? To get involved contact Charlene Wallace ( or 652-2453 ext. 103) or visit the Local Motion website

SOURCE: Roy Neuer, Vice-Chair, Recreation Path Committee