CDC Seniors pose with CDC coordinator, Nancy LaVarnway, after the 2015 Career Job Expo. L-R: Hina Rattu, Blair Bean, Neerja Patel, Maddie Weaver-Nolting, Felicia Le, Nancy LaVarnway, Vaishnavi Andra, Rachel Lia, and Peter Camardo. PHOTO:  CDC Senior Staff

High School Hacks for Rising Seniors

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Thursday May 28, 2015

We’ve made our college decisions for next fall and graduation is sneaking up on us. Senior year is a fun but difficult one. The South Burlington High School (SBHS) seniors of the Career Development Center (CDC) have been through it all and soon it will be the junior class’ turn.

The eight CDC seniors, Blair Bean, Vaishnavi Andra, Hina Rattu, Peter Camardo, Maddie Weaver-Nolting, Rachel Lia, Neerja Patel, and Sharvari Athalye, have some memories and words of wisdom to share with the Class of 2016.

Blair Bean suggests pursuing interests and not delaying getting involved. She advises next year’s seniors to relax. “If you keep organized and chip away at it, your college application will get done.” Her SBHS highlights include participating in clubs, dance team, chorus, theater, and community service.

Regarding college applications, Vaishnavi Andra also recommends a lot of planning. She says planners are great for writing everything down and visualizing what needs to be done on what date, noting, “It’s best to get everything out of the way early on.” Her favorite moment was dancing in Talent Night with other senior girls. She says, “The memories you will have of high school are the fun times you spent with friends. Make sure to keep everything in perspective and enjoy this final amazing year with all of your friends!”

Maddie Weaver-Nolting warns students not to get “senioritis,” which is a difficult thing to avoid. She also recommends taking advanced classes because colleges look at how you are challenging yourself academically. She was nervous when she took AP courses, but she ended up loving them and they turned out to be some of her favorite classes. Highlights of her high school career include getting into her number one college and donating blood for the first time.

Neerja Patel wishes she could have changed some of the classes that she took. Balancing extracurricular activities with demanding classes was hard, so she would have switched to classes that would have helped her grow more as a learner. She also advises starting the college application process as soon as possible. “It’ll help a lot in the long run because once the school year starts, everything gets super busy, so try to get as much done as you can in the summer!” she recommends. Her favorite high school memories include baking cookies in Calculus, watching movies and eating Ben and Jerry’s in English, and always getting a “hey Paytel” from Mr. Marabella.

SOURCE: Felicia Le, 2015, SBHS CDC Correspondent