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Thursday June 08, 2017

Although the VTrans culvert replacement project on VT Route 116/Hinesburg Road at Potash Brook is underway, there is no need to change your regular route as of yet. According to the most recent press release from Stephanie Barrett, public outreach coordinator for the project, Hinesburg Road will not be closed fully to thru-traffic until mid to late June. Barrett is quick to add that when the road does close, all abutting driveways and side roads will remain accessible.

The impending road closure will impact approximately 500 feet of Hinesburg Road by the sewer pump station. When that happens, there will be no thru-traffic for automobiles until the target completion date of September 1. Until the road is reopened, drivers will need to access their Hinesburg Road destinations from either Williston Road or Kennedy Drive.
Barrett also reports that throughout the entirety of the project, all pedestrians and bikers will be able to cross through the construction zone. This will be made possible by the installation of a temporary bridge.

Motorists are asked to use extreme caution while traveling through the work zone. The safety of the workers, pedestrians, and motorists is of the utmost importance. Barrett’s press release adds, “Put your cell phone down. It is against the law to use hand held devices while driving. If caught, you will be fined and two points go on your license.”

For project updates visit http://countonitinc.com/vt-116hinesburg-road-culvert-replacement/ or follow the project on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RT116Culvert/.