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Thursday March 01, 2012

“Oh No, Not Again !!!” is the title of this latest book. Different individuals will describe this novel in different ways. Some will say it’s about young love. Others will say it’s about inner workings of school systems. Yet others will call it politics as usual. Still others will call the book religious in nature. Because of the interplanetary travel, it will be called science fiction by some. In other words, everyone will have an opinion.

“Oh No, Not Again !!!” may be considered to have been written in jest. Yet, not quite in jest. People will laugh, some might cry and some might believe. John Cort-Desrochers states, (headed for 75 years on July 11, 2012) in all probability, this is the last book he will author. This is a limited printing of 500 copies. Already, over 110 copies are sold.

John was born ‘the baby of the family,’ on July 11, 1937, to Felix and Marie Anna Desrochers, in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. John attended St. Gabriel Grammar School, Oblate Seminary in Bucksport, Maine, and St. Johnsbury Academy, Class of ’54. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Education from Lyndon Teachers College in 1958 followed by the Master in Education from St. Michael’s College.

The book is available directly from the author. John Cort-Desrochers, 325 Lime Kiln Road #6403, South Burlington, VT 05403. The cost is $11.98 each book. Buy the bundle, all three for $25.00. Add 6% sales tax and $2.50 each book for postage and handling.

SOURCE: John Cort-Desrochers