The National Bike Challenge is the parent event of the Vermont Bike Challenge.  Co-presented by Local Motion, the Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition, and the Green Mountain Bicycle Club, the Vermont Bike Challenge invites you to sign up, get on your bike, get fit, have fun and ride.
Above: Erwin Cohen. Right: Caden enjoys the ride.

Join the Vermont Bike Challenge: Get on your bike, get fit, have fun and ride!

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Thursday April 25, 2013

Congratulations, South Burlington!  In 2012, Vermont was recognized as the top state in the National Bike Challenge, and the Burlington-South Burlington community landed the top spot for all communities in the United States.  Last year, from May 1 – August 31 over 30,000 people rode 12 million miles as part of the National Bike Challenge.  This year the goal is to get 50,000 Americans to ride more than 20 million miles.  South Burlington residents we need your help to achieve this goal.

Have you been thinking about getting back on a bike for the first time in years?  Perhaps you’ve wanted to give bike commuting a try.  Or maybe you’ve been riding for years and are ready to start improving your distances and times.  May is National Bike Month and is a great time to kick start a new cycling routine.  Here are some opportunities to motivate you to ride: National Bike to School Day is May 8th and National Bike to Work Day is May 17th.

Five minutes is enough time to join the Challenge.  The way it works is simple, and it’s free.  You sign up at and log the miles you ride.  That’s it.  You can either log your miles manually at your computer on the day you ride, or you can download an app to your smartphone.  With the app, you just tap “start” at the beginning of your ride, and “end” when you finish.  Your miles are automatically logged for you. 

You can review your personal progress online along with stats on your accumulated mileage, best times, longest rides, calories burned and more.  A quick peek at the Leaderboard feature will allow you to compare South Burlington’s progress to other communities both in Vermont and across the country.  You can join an existing team or create your own.  Your company can also form a Workplace and you can track your company’s progress against other companies both local and national.

The Challenge rewards both long distance and casual riders.  Each day that you ride at least one mile you get one point for each mile ridden and a daily bonus of 20 points. The points are used to rank progress on the Leaderboard, and to qualify riders for the prize lottery.  The more points you have, the better the prizes you are eligible to win.  Prizes are given at both the Vermont and the National levels.

No bike?  No problem.  As part of National Bike Month, many of Vermont’s locally owned bike shops participate in bike swaps the first weekend in May.  You will find kids’ bikes, pedal trailers, mountain, hybrid, road, cyclocross, and even tandem bikes at the swaps.
The South Burlington Recreation Path Committee is excited to participate in the Vermont Bike Challenge, and we’re hoping you will join us so that once again South Burlington will shine as the top bike community in the nation.

For more information about the VT Bike Challenge, contact Jason Van Driesche at

Submitted by Dana Farr, Clerk of the South Burlington Recreation Path Committee.  She has lived in South Burlington for 10 years and enjoys cycling, hiking, skiing and freestyle rock climbing.

The South Burlington Recreation Path Committee is a group of seven volunteers who work with the City to cultivate opportunities for residents to walk and bike both for recreation and transportation. Over the next six months, members will share their experiences and suggestions for making the most of our community’s many resources.
Members of the public are invited to attend their meetings, which are held the first Monday of every month from 7-9pm in the municipal office building.