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Thursday May 23, 2013

The Crest - Two descendants of an Irish king journey to the island where he once presided -- not to reclaim the land, but to surf the waves.

Eliza and John Kane, siblings raised in South Burlington, have embarked on an ambitious endeavor to produce a documentary film exploring the broad topic of lost cultural treasures, while spotlighting rich and intriguing family connections. Their production company, Butter Flavored Films, pairs the Kanes with Burlington College alum Mark Covino, who directs the film. 

The Crest will follow two Irish-American cousins, both great great grandchildren of the King of the Blasket Islands. Until recently they’ve lived remarkably similar lives on opposite coasts, unaware of each other’s existence. This year they’ll meet for the first time and bring their shared passion, surfing, to the dangerous waters of their ancestors’ now abandoned island.

Eliza and John credit the inspiration for their work to the rich tradition of stories told over the years by their father Jack—who had a great gift of spinning wild yarns to entertain his family.

Some of these tales were about Jack’s own childhood, but the kids’ favorites featured members of generations before him: the Irish immigrants who came to New England from a harsh and mystical island off the Kerry coast, an island famous for storytellers even in a country of born storytellers. 

Now, over a decade after graduating from South Burlington High School and setting off in different directions, the elder Kane siblings are getting back together to share the legend of their family roots -- and Jack is still involved, presiding as Executive Director for their upcoming documentary.  

“The greatest challenges we face are those posed by time and distance. The journey required to tell the story of the descendants of the King of the Blasket Islands will take us from San Diego to Cape Cod and across the ocean to Ireland and the Blasket Islands themselves where the story begins. Time is of the essence since the cousins’ journey coincides with The Gathering, a reunion this May of Blasket Island descendants from all over the world,” said Eliza.

For more information about The Crest, including an early teaser, go to www.crestmovie.com as well as butterflavoredfilms.tumblr.com and twitter.com/butterflavored.