High school students Blair Bean and Sylvia Warren coach a middle school dance team.

Keeping the Spirit of Dance Alive

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Thursday February 06, 2014

Building a proud tradition is what South Burlington High School (SBHS) is all about. 

Blair Bean and Silva Warren, two SBHS juniors, have continuedto work with a middle school dance team at Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School (FHTMS) which was started by SBHS dance team captains in 2011. Bean had been a member of this team and found the experience valuable. Warren had taught a dance team at summer camp and loved the experience. Both Bean and Warren wanted to give middle school students the same opportunity that they had so that the students could learn dance skills and prepare for the high school dance team. 

The team is comprised of twelve middle school students who are led by Bean, Warren, and an FHTMS advisor, Ms. Feiss. They started practicing right after Thanksgiving break. Their goal was to perform at the Winter Heat Competition in early February  at SBHS. The dancers are learning new techniques and skills in addition to preparing for the performance piece. This opportunity to train in dance will help the dancers decide if they want to continue the sport in high school. 

Dance is very important to both Bean and Warren. Their love for the sport and for teaching are important reasons why they wanted to continue this dance team. “When I was on the middle school dance team, I learned so much technique that helped a lot on the high school team. I wanted to give the middle school students the same opportunity,” Bean explained. “I really like being at practice and choreographing for the team,” Warren added. These two high school students are happy to bring the joy they find in dancing to young students while keeping a strong dance team tradition alive at SBHS. 

For more information on this dance team and how to get involved with the CDC, please contact Career Development Center Coordinator Nancy LaVarnway at South Burlington High School (nlavarnway@sbschools.net or 652-7018).

SOURCE: Kailey Miller,CDC Correspondent SBHS class of 2017