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Kinville Bids for Reelection as City Clerk

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Thursday February 08, 2018

Donna Kinville has announced that she is running for reelection for South Burlington City Clerk. Kinville has held this position for 17 years.

“I have enjoyed my time as city clerk and the past 17 years have gone by very quickly; it has been at times hectic, sometimes challenging, but always very rewarding. I have learned a lot over the years, but I think every day presents a new opportunity to learn more,” said Kinville.

Throughout her tenure as city clerk, Kinville says, “I have tried to keep three things in mind. First, preserving and protecting the records of the city by using emerging technology. Second, maintaining the integrity of the elections – elections are one of my favorite activities as clerk. It is when the people of the city can exercise their voice by voting. And third, that I am elected by the citizens of the city to represent them in city hall on a daily basis. I take very seriously the trust the citizens have placed in me.”

This past fall, Kinville was elected as the president of the Vermont Clerks’ and Treasurers’ Association. She says, “I am extremely honored to have been recognized by my clerk peers who have elected me.”

Kinville and her husband Peter have been South Burlington residents since 1983. She notes, “Our three grown children, Patrick, Andrew, and Melissa, all went through the South Burlington school system.”

Kinville remarks, “I am looking forward to continue meeting the challenges and responsibilities being your city clerk brings. I hope that I will have your support on March 6.”