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Thursday September 26, 2013

Rev. Msgr. Bernard W. Bourgeois, Principal at Rice Memorial High School, located in South Burlington, proudly announces that South Burlington resident, Eric Knudsen, was inducted in the Cathedral-Rice Athletic Hall of Fame. Eric joins 127 other elite Cathedral and Rice athletes.

Eric Knudsen was an exceptional athlete and student.  In basketball his sophomore year he was an integral part of the State Championship of 1985 where he showed good talent both offensively and defensively.   In his junior year his talent as a team player and as a strong individual had exponentially developed and was displayed on the Rice court and the basketball courts of his opponents.  The 1985-86 team prevailed during the season but eventually ended early when they lost in the Semi-Finals and finished the season 21-2. Eric, a true student-athlete, chose to give up his senior year of basketball to pursue an educational opportunity as an exchange student in Germany.  He returned to Rice to play on the baseball team and spent his senior spring with his classmates.  Eric was a steady and reliable defensive player in the field.   As far as hitting goes, Eric made good contact with the ball and kept the Rice offensive rallies going in many a game.  To top it all off, this senior year of baseball gave him the opportunity to be on a team with his younger brother Adam.

Eric holds the State Championship of 1985 in high regard, but also adds, the lessons learned from Coach Michael Evelti his junior year are lessons he carries with him today.   Eric continues to be associated with athletics today.  Currently, he plays basketball in a men’s league and also coaches his three children in baseball and basketball where he passes down the lessons he learned from his high school coaches.  

Eric and his wife Kelly live in South Burlington with their three children. Professionally, Eric is an attorney at Langrock, Sperry and Wool, LLP.