Third and fourth grade students build, play and trade at the pilot Lego club gatherings.

Lego Club Builds Connections

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Thursday December 19, 2013

Twenty-one third and fourth graders at Orchard elementary school just completed a 6 week pilot Lego club. Due to the club’s popularity, organizers Michelle Keefler and Heidi Cutroni are currently brainstorming ways to expand the club’s offerings and give more children opportunities to engage with the wildly popular building toys. Heidi explains, “This particular club felt a lot like a group play date. There were no specific challenges given or set of instructions to follow, however, we are not ruling that out for future Lego clubs. “We just wanted to see how it would go before we got too rigid and technical” says Michelle. “It was really all about having fun.”  

And fun they had! The kids seemed to love the “build your own mini-figure” station and it didn’t take long before they were trading and bartering pieces. While some children opted to work alone, others teamed up on larger projects. When asked what they thought of Lego club, the responses were very similar “It was awesome”, “I loved it” and “This is the best club in the world.” The club met once a week after school and produced creative self-titled projects such as “Alien Attack, Vortex Jet, The Eye of Truth, Fun Spa, The Destroyer, Lego City and The Ultimate Command Ship”.  

Orchard School is still looking for Lego donations, so if you have Legos you would like to recycle, please contact Michelle Keefler at 

SOURCE: Beth Ross, Orchard PTO