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Thursday July 19, 2012

Michael Dabroski, co-artistic director of Burlington Ensemble, is grateful to live in South Burlington, where he says “an abundance of educational and professional opportunities exist for all to value and thrive.”  Dabroski, a professional violinist, says he is motivated by a need to define a unique purpose to perform music year round which best supports his wife as a pediatrician and establishes a positive example for their two young children ages ten and twelve.

 Along with his business partner and violinist Sofia Hirsch, he decided to create a group about “Making Music with a Social Mission” conducive to both their professional and family lifestyles while using musical performance to strengthen community.  Burlington Ensemble (BE) partners with multiple community non-profit organizations year round (i.e. Common Roots in South Burlington) to concert fundraise for them.  In return, the local non-profits help advertise the concert events via their constituents.  BE and their partners reallocate our administrative liabilities via collaboration.  This process culminates in concerts as part of the BE “90/10 Series” whereupon 90% of the concert proceeds are donated to six non-profit organizations over six concerts performed between September and April.  For example, next year’s concert is “Baroque but Going” and features a lengthy collaboration with South Burlington High School music department and highlights the South Burlington non-profit Common Roots.
In order to help pay the musicians to perform the “90/10 Series” benefit concerts, BE established a season of “Summer Serenades” indoor concerts (this year July 22 to 28) with an opportunity for the public to also picnic outdoors prior to hearing the music and supporting our social mission.  The concert venues include Shelburne Farms, Shelburne’s All Souls Interfaith Gathering, Shelburne Vineyard, Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, and College Street Congregational Church in Burlington.  Each ticket purchase serves as an investment toward paying musicians to perform a series of six fundraising concerts for six non-profit organizations.  50% of the tickets from the July 24 concert at Shelburne Farms will also support Vermont FEEED.
Mr. John Hammer, Board of Directors past president Vermont Mozart Festival, recently endorsed Burlington Ensemble as sustainable and encourages our community to buy tickets writing “BE is in the business of presenting opportunities to hear great music at an affordable price while ‘Making Music with a Social Mission.’  In this case, the ‘Summer Serenades’ will be presented at some of Vermont’s most glorious settings, following on from the illustrious 37-year tradition of the Vermont Mozart Festival.  It is as simple as that.”
For more information go to or call (802) 598-9520.
SOURCE: Burlington Ensemble