Students taste test Breakfast Blondies at FHTMS.

March Root Madness

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Thursday March 08, 2012

Greetings from Farm-to-School of the South Burlington School District. ‘March Root Madness’ is upon us, and South Burlington students will have a chance to get a taste of the fun.

The Farm-to-School program was awarded a matching grant from Cabot Creamery and the FHTMS PTO to do monthly spring taste tests in the FHTMS cafeteria from March through May. Similar to the taste testing in other schools of our district, we are interested in increasing opportunities for fresh and local food experiences, as well as allowing students’ preferences  to guide school breakfasts and lunches towards healthier options.
The first FHTMS taste test will be during all lunch periods on Friday, March 23rd.  We are working on perfecting our whole-grain recipe called Breakfast Blondies—previously taste tested in Orchard and Chamberlin Elementary Schools in February. The FHTMS students will get a chance to try these Blondies, with the potential of this recipe being added to the school breakfast menu.

To celebrate local foods, this month there will be food education about root vegetables at Orchard and Chamberlin Schools from the Common Roots Food Educator, Megan Brancaccio. Common Roots will also assist in the March Nutritional Services taste test of ‘Magic Rootie Mash’ on Monday, March 19th at Orchard and Chamberlin. This recipe will be on the school lunch menu Wednesday, March 21st for the Nutritional Services Local Lunch Day.
Other items served on the Local Day this month will be VT beef-Sloppy Joes on a homemade, whole-grain bun and whole-grain orange sugar cookies. Both of these whole-grain items will be baked using whole-wheat flour from Gleason’s Grains in Bridport.

During this month, to showcase the lunch menu, we are going to be having a “Take a Staff Member to Lunch Day” at FHMTS. Students will have the opportunity to invite teachers and staff members to enjoy what Nutritional Services has to offer.

Keep your eyes out for the fresh, homemade and local options at lunch.

For more information, recipes, and photos visit the SB Farm-to-School website at:

Until next time.

Mollie Silver
Farm-to-School Coordinator