L-R: VT Coordinator Joseph Kudrle, Coach John Radimer, Ragulan Sivakumar, Sabrina Chiang, Kailey Yang, Kelly Xu.

Mathcounts Wins State Championship

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Thursday April 09, 2015

The Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School (FHTMS) Mathcounts team recently won the State Championships for the fifth time in seven years. The winning team of four students, Kailey Yang, Sabrina Chiang, Ragulan Sivakumar and Kelly Xu, meet three times a week after school starting in early November with John Radimer, long time Mathcounts coach. Radimer, who retired last year after 42 years of teaching math, has coached FHTMS Mathcounts students for 24 years. He notes that, “This year virtually everyone one on the team has an older sibling who participated and of the people who qualified for the state meet, five out of six were girls.” Along with working with the students on sample test problems, Radimer said he includes other problems “that I think might be interesting, like multiplying 43X37 in your head.”

Two Mathcounts team members, Sivakumar and Yang, each qualified for the National Championships in Boston by finishing first and second respectively in both the individual competition and the countdown round.

MathCounts is a national middle school coaching and competitive mathematics program that promotes mathematics achievement through a series of fun and engaging “bee” style contests. Vermont’s MathCounts program is in its 31st year and focuses on middle school students in their formative years to encourage them to consider careers in science, technology, engineering, or math.