Top To Bottom, Left to Right: Loy Prussek, Sophie Dauerman, Luke Fitzgerald, Sriram Sathuraman, Ella Ma, Andrew Kim, Ranjani Sathuraman, Andy Yang, Saksham Bhardwadj, Bo Chen.

Mathletes Make the Mark

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Thursday March 20, 2014

For the past five months, nearly 20 students from 8 schools across Northern Vermont joined more than one hundred thousand students, from more than 30 countries, in the Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS). Each student participated in a monthly math exam that includes 5 non-traditional problems that kids must solve in 30 minutes without a calculator. 

6th grader Loy Prussek (Edmunds Middle School) scored highest for the entire team with Sophie Dauerman and Jack Morgan (Shelburne Community School) nipping at her heels.

Ella Ma (Central School) had a perfect score on her final test to beat-out her fellow fifth graders Andrew Kim (Orchard School) and Dominic Miller (Central School) who finished in 2nd and 3rd places for fifth grade.

Orchard school students dominated the 4th grade with Luke Fitzgerald leading the way with Sriram Sathuraman, Kenny Chamberlain and Ranjani Sathuraman as the top three scorers and fifth place, respectively. Hinesburg Community 4th graders also made a strong showing lead by Cody O’Neil, Myles Peterson and Tyler Wuthrich in 4th, 6th and 7th places for 4th grade.

South Burlington swept the third grade with Andy Yang (Central School), Saksham Bhardwaj (Orchard School) and Bo Chen (Central School) finishing in order.

South Burlington residents Ethan Behr (Mater Christi), Mason Klesch (Tuttle Middle School) and Patrick Slattery (Renaissance School) also participated. 
South Burlington resident Paul Fitzgerald organized the program and volunteered to coach. Please contact Paul if you would like more information on MOEMS at The program would not have been possible without direct support from the Renaissance School, which hosted the monthly exams in support of a shared vision and commitment to cultivate academic excellence in students.

SOURCE: Paul Fitzgerald , Guest Contributor