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Thursday September 12, 2013

Liam Maxwell, a senior at South Burlington High School, came to Channel 17/Town Meeting television in early 2013 as a regular weekly volunteer on the Tuesday night Live show.  He joined Tyler Bradley, also a SBHS student, who volunteered at Channel 17.  Live show volunteers learn to run cameras, operate as program directors and help make the weekly public affairs community program happen. 

Channel 17 covers the municipal affairs of South Burlington by recording and airing meetings, events and hosting studio programs about South Burlington.
“I started volunteering at Channel 17/Town Meeting TV to get some real work experience in the area of video and get it on my resume. Plus I knew Tyler a little bit because we went to the same school so that was a bonus.” said Liam. “The most interesting part of the job was I got to see how everything works and I got to see more of the studio than the viewers can actually see.  I improved being a camera man and that will help me with being a filmmaker and getting the perfect angle or shot in a video.”

In describing his experience, he continued “I would recommend CCTV to others. Ten years from now I’ll be helping making movies or shows and possibly making my own.”

If you would like to gain experience in live television and media, Channel 17/TownMeeting TV is a great place to start. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Meghan at or 862-3966, extension 16.