South Burlington High School Career Development Center correspondents: L-R: Patrick Ryan, Chloe Grant, Ali Barritt, Megan Harton, Zaneta Sulley, Hunter Delany, Kailei Eustis, Cate Michaels, Frankie Karnedy, and CDC Director Nancy LaVarnway.

Meet the CDC Correspondents

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Thursday October 22, 2015

The South Burlington High School (SBHS) Career Development Center (CDC) boasts ten correspondents this school year including both veterans and newcomers. The CDC provides assistance and resources to students and alumni for their lifelong career development. Here is a brief introduction to the student correspondents who will be on the job this year reporting for the CDC.

New to the CDC are freshmen Peyton Coel, Kailei Eustis, and Hunter Delany. All three report a passion for writing. Coel loves to travel as well, and listen to and play music. Eustis is interested in pursuing a journalism career. In addition, she plays soccer and enjoys listening to music. Delany says she became involved with the CDC because she wanted to meet new people and spread the word about community events and news. In her free time, Delany writes and plays basketball.

Frankie Karnedy, Zaneta Sulley, and Megan Harton represent the sophomore class in the CDC. This is Karnedy’s first year with the group, although she also writes for the SBHS newspaper, Rebelution. Sulley says she was inspired to join the CDC staff in June because she wanted to share her writing with the community. In addition, Sulley enjoys dance and hanging out with her friends. Harton is in her second year as a correspondent and was introduced to the CDC program by Caryn Olivetti, a guidance counselor at Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School. Along with her love of writing, Harton enjoys soccer and photography.

Junior Ali Barritt is currently the co-editor and is in her third year with the CDC. Like Harton, she was introduced to the group by Olivetti. In her free time, Barritt loves to listen to podcasts, especially Radiolab, Reply All, Invisibilia, and This American Life, and has built her own podcast-creating club. In addition, she enjoys making different types of art, especially jewelry.

Seniors Patrick Ryan and Chloe Grant are both starting their fourth year as CDC correspondents. Ryan says he joined the CDC to broaden his horizons. He reports he has learned many writing techniques while with the CDC. In his free time, Ryan enjoys playing the piano and cycling. Grant is the co-editor with Barritt and was also recommended to the CDC by Olivetti. Grant recalls being unsure about whether she wanted to join, but says her mother inspired her to do it. Now she reports she has fallen in love with writing and wants to major in journalism. Grant enjoys reading and helps manage the stage for SBHS plays.

SOURCE: Megan Harton, SBHS CDC Correspondent