This year’s team of Career Development Center Correspondents includes (L-R): SBHS CDC Coordinator Nancy LaVarnway, Frankie Karnedy, Ann Wong,Vera Escaja-Heiss, senior CDC co-leader Ali Barritt, junior CDC co-leader Megan Harton, Amelia Charbonneau, Sydney Klugo, Tess LaLonde, and Zaneta Sulley. PHOTO: Margery Vagt

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Thursday October 06, 2016

This year, there are several new additions to the Career Development Center Correspondents (CDCC) team, a group of high school journalists from South Burlington High School (SBHS) who share school news with the community by submitting articles to The Other Paper. Newly arrived freshmen Tess LaLonde, Amelia Charbonneau, and Sydney Klugo and sophomores Ann Wong and Vera Escaja-Heiss have recently discovered that they’d like to dip their toes in journalism. Returning members include senior co-leader of the group, Ali Barritt, junior co-leader, Megan Harton, and juniors Zaneta Sulley and Frankie Karnedy. Coordinator of the CDC at SBHS, Nancy LaVarnway, advises the group.

The team has various reasons to be excited about the year ahead. Wong is thrilled to have her writing published in a paper which she says, “seems like such a surreal idea.” Klugo is similarly eager to “reach people all over town” by publishing in the local paper. Escaja-Heiss is interested in meeting new people and strengthening her writing skills, while Karnedy looks forward to interviewing various community members and sharing their experiences. Harton, who becomes a co-leader this year, is eager to learn about being an authoritative figure and better managing her time. LaLonde is excited to learn more about the community through writing stories and honing her writing. Sulley is hoping to write a diverse range of interesting articles, and Barritt is looking to make the most of her last year in the internship, and further improve its inner-workings and efficiency.

Most of the correspondents had little to no experience with journalism before joining the team. Harton was not sure how she would feel about the writing style, but her time as a correspondent has sparked her interest in a career in journalism. Barritt was more interested in creative writing and research papers, but grew to like the more straight-forward writing style. The needed interaction with the community and knowledge of what’s going on around you snagged her interest. Wong greatly admires the journalistic writing process, claiming that she is able “not only to write something that I am interested in, but…communicate with other people to get their opinions and knowledge [of the] topic.” Charbonneau is most interested in persuasive writing, but would like to give journalism a try. Karnedy appreciates the internship, claiming it can “open doors into other venues and is a great way…to gain experience writing for a real paper.” Escaja-Heiss is very excited to try journalism because “it lets a writer express and form someone’s story in their own way…[to] share something extremely special with the…community.” She’s also curious about “[experiencing] a different side of media and the news.” LaLonde is similarly enthusiastic about exploring “real-life stories.” The team is looking forward to making the most of this year.

SOURCE: Ali Barritt, SBHS CDC Correspondent