Pictured L to R: Mrs.LaVarnway, Felicia Le, Maddie Weaver-Nolting, Alyssa Tenney, Talia Solomon, Sabina Latifovic, Basundhara Mukherjee.

Meet the Press: SBHS Students Take Time to Celebrate Peers

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Wednesday April 04, 2012

A group of SB High School (SBHS) students active in the Career Development Center (CDC), led by sophomore Alyssa Tenney, stepped into the world of journalism to share stories of local teenagers doing good work in the community.  Six SBHS freelance writers will be contributing articles to The Other Paper.  Below, get to know the journalists involved.

Sabina Latifovic

Ms. Latifovic is currently a sophomore at SBHS. She was picked to be a reporter for Career Clues (the CDC’s newsletter) in eighth grade and thought it would be interesting to work on a newsletter because she hadn’t done anything similar to it prior to being asked. She’s involved with other programs through the CDC, including tutoring, Coalition for Community Service (CCS), and the Congo Leadership Initiative. Ms. Latifovic hopes that through collaborating with The Other Paper she’ll be able to improve her writing skills and learn more about journalism.

Felicia Le

Ms. Le is a freshman at SBHS. When she was an eighth grader at F.H. Tuttle Middle School, she was asked by Ms. Olivetti, one of the school guidance counselors, if she was interested in writing for the Career Clues newsletter.  At first Ms. Le was hesitant because she didn’t feel that she was really a journalist, but she enjoyed writing.  She decided to take this opportunity because she felt that she could learn something new.  Never did she think that the newsletter would result in her writing for the very successful newspaper, The Other Paper. Felicia is glad that she took this writing opportunity because she is really enjoying this wonderful experience.

Basundhara Mukherjee

Ms. Mukherjee, a sophomore at SBHS, applied to become a freelance journalist for Career Clues due to her immense passion for writing.  As an aspiring journalist, it is her hope to learn the real-world methods of journalism through this connection with The Other Paper, as well as refine her writing and reporting skills.  Ms. Mukherjee hopes this position will be highly beneficial for her time management skills, as deadlines are crucial in the world of journalism. Additionally, it is her hope to convey her passion for writing to a wider audience. 

Talia Solomon

A sophomore at SBHS, Ms. Solomon is “incredibly excited to be a writer for the Career Clues’ installment in The Other Paper.” In addition to being an avid participant in the school’s CDC and CCS, Ms. Solomon has interned at the ECHO Aquarium in Burlington, and she also plays tennis.  Through this program, she hopes to gain more experience in the field in journalism, something she is interested in pursuing as a career when she is older.

Alyssa Tenney

Ms. Tenney, a sophomore at SBHS, is currently the Career Clues editor.  In eighth grade, Alyssa was asked to become a freelance reporter for the newsletter. She received her first articles last year and learned how the editions were put together.  This year Ms. Tenney became editor and realized that a publication in The Other Paper would have a much larger readership than the newsletter.  It would also allow high school students who enjoy writing or want to pursue journalism to see their work in print. All the SBHS students involved are very excited to be given this opportunity in The Other Paper.

Maddie Weaver-Nolting

Ms. Weaver-Nolting is a freshman at SBHS. From an early age she loved writing everything from a report to a short story. She was at a Coalition for Community Service (CCS) meeting, and one of the upcoming opportunities was that they needed freelance journalists, students that would write for The Other Paper. Ms. Weaver-Nolting had wanted to do more focused and specific writing, and this felt like the perfect chance. She further felt it was an important opportunity because it was the first time that an organized group at SBHS would write for the town paper. The opportunity would not only be fun, but Ms. Weaver-Nolting felt that she would learn writing techniques that she could use in and out of the classroom.