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Thursday December 13, 2012

Violins, trumpets and drums…. these were just a few of the musical instruments heard echoing through the halls at Rick Marcotte Central School during the Vermont Symphony Orchestra’s Musical Petting Zoo assembly. 

In November, RMCS students and staff welcomed VSO Marketing Specialist/Ensemble Coordinator, Rebecca Kopycinski, as she guided kindergarten through 3rd grade students through a morning of hands-on introduction to several instruments similar to those played in a real orchestra. 

Rebecca the “Zookeeper” taught the students fun facts about the four families of instruments while demonstrating each of their sounds, then turned the children loose in the RMCS “Zoo” gymnasium to play and explore with the instruments themselves.  There were a few rules that everyone needed to follow as they visited the Zoo, but the Zookeeper told the students that the most important rule was to, “Remember to have tons of fun.”  

Fun they had indeed.  One kindergarten student told a parent volunteer, “This is the best day ever!” The students also learned some history about past and present conductors of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra. 

As the students made their way to each instrument group, parent volunteers were available to assist with the handling of the instruments.  Time permitting, every child was able to play an instrument from each of the following groups: violin/cello, percussion, trumpet/trombone/tuba, and flute/harp.  When Ms. Kopycinski asked the 3rd graders which instrument they liked best, the resounding answer was the violin.
The morning came to a close when the Zookeeper sounded her horn after each class visit, which meant that it was time for everyone to say goodbye to all of the “animals” (instruments) at the Zoo.  It was a wonderful event to have at Rick Marcotte Central School and to see how enthusiastic the children were, both while playing the instruments and while learning history and fun facts about each instrument group in the orchestra. 

Sponsorship of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra’s Musical Petting Zoo was made possible by gracious financial support from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and RMCS Music Teacher, Rosemary Holloway, who won a VSO Petting Zoo Assembly raffle at a convention that she attended this year. 

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SOURCE: Julie Brancato,RMCS PTO