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Thursday January 29, 2015

Patricia Nowak acting chair of South Burlington City Council announces that she will seek reelection in the March 3rd general election.

Since her election to the council in 2013, Nowak has stayed true to her promise to “be prudent and financially responsible with taxpayer’s funds.” This promise and her background in finance has made her a valuable member of the Council and the Pension Advisory Committee for the city where she assisted with the hiring of SEI as the new pension management firm.

Nowak’s commitment to planned, balanced growth for the city has been evidenced in her appointment as the South Burlington representative to the Airport Commission representing the interests of the city. “Communication with the Airport is critical as the city moves forward with the planning phase in the area.” says Nowak. She will serve on the Chamberlin School/Airport planning committee as not only a councilor but also as a resident of the area for more than 30 years.

Nowak looks forward to the opportunity to bring her continued leadership to the city council. She stands by her belief that commercial, residential, agricultural and open space areas can all co-exist within the boundaries of South Burlington.

Nowak is fully committed to keeping South Burlington moving forward in a positive manner, reflecting the widespread community pride that makes South Burlington a great place to live, educate and raise a family.

Nowak is grateful for the widespread support she has received during her tenure on council and invites South Burlington residents to reach out to her at (802) 238-2059