O’Brien House Comes Down

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Thursday June 01, 2017

The Leo O’Brien Sr. Civic Center, which was the former homestead of the O’Brien family, stood at the entrance of Jaycee Park on Patchen Road for many years. Gifted to the city by the O’Brien family in the 1960’s, it served residents as a meeting place for numerous clubs, groups and programs. But last fall, when the building was found to be structurally unsound its service as a public building ended, and deconstruction began. Over the last months, materials that could be recycled were removed, and services were disconnected. The South Burlington Fire Department was able to use the structure for  several training sessions. Demolition took place in May, and the site will be reseeded and used as additional green space in the 6.9 acre park while future plans for the front of the park continue to be explored. Jaycee Park has a lighted baseball/softball field, two basketball courts, a playground and a small pavilion with a picnic area. The city is also relocating a new dog park area to this location, after this month’s closure of the Kirby Road dog park.