Students from Rick Marcotte Central School will travel to Odyssey of the Mind World Finals in Michigan.

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Thursday April 16, 2015

Two teams from Rick Marcotte Central School (RMCS) each placed second overall in their division to qualify for the Odyssey of the Mind (OM) World Finals at Michigan State University this coming May.

One team from RMCS participated in the Silent Movie Competition, where the team acted out a structured eight-minute movie plot, complete with a villain, and without the aid of speech. “It was challenging to work as a team because we had to check and balance with each other to keep each other on track,” said fifth grader Maddie Magnant. Art Klugo and Kieran Killeen coached this team with team members Zach Klugo, Maddie Magnant, Natalie Anfuso, Oliver Cochrane, Melissa Rosowsky, and Jonas Miller.

Another RMCS team participated in constructing an 18-gram balsa wood structure that held 50 lbs of weight and released marbles while the students acted out an eight-minute skit. Team member Rowan Killeen also agreed the true challenge was teamwork, “The most challenging thing that I encountered wasn’t the actual construction of the balsa structure, it was coming together as a team and becoming friends - not all of us even knew each other, but it took even the most rough times that bonded us together and into forming a team.” The team, coached by Margie Vagt, included: Luke Bendoski, Noah Goodman, Erik Laub, Zack Neuman, Rowan Killeen and Ava White.

OM is an international education program that promotes creative problem solving opportunities for children. Students join small teams and create solutions for short and long-term problems. The first competition occurs at the state level, against teams from all of Vermont. Championship teams are invited to participate in the annual OM World Finals where they compete with teams from countries around the world including Canada, China, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, and Singapore among others.

SOURCE: Jennifer Salvas, Contributor