South Burlington High School students, Brenna Deavitt and Morgan Mahar take part in the 5th Annual Community Blood Drive.

Operation Blood Drive: A Community Success

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Friday February 06, 2015

South Burlington’s 5th Annual Community Blood Drive was a grand success! The blood drive, which took place Tuesday, January 27, at the St. John Vianney Parish Center, collected 74 pints of blood—beating the goal of 70 pints.

The blood drive was organized by a team of South Burlington High School students, known as Rebels with a Dream, in collaboration with the American Red Cross and SBHS Career Development Center.

The special community event maintained a light-hearted atmosphere throughout the day. As promised, the blood drive took on a Summer Olympics theme, which ignited a competitive flame in each donor. Blood donors found themselves competing with other community members while representing different countries to donate the most blood. In the end, Australia received the gold medal, with Spain taking silver and Japan taking bronze. Moreover, music and entertainment—graciously provided by Amy Deavitt and Steve Rexford, filled the Parish Hall with melodious tunes and excitement. This event is now recognized as the fifth most successful community blood drive—but the most fun overall, as voiced by numerous donors.

The event was one of only two blood drives taking place in Chittenden County, despite severe weather conditions. People of all ages donated—from 16 to 81 year olds, each contributing to its success. The blood collected will be stored in South Burlington’s very own blood blank to help future community members in need.

The Rebels with a Dream group would like to thank all community members who served as potential donors or simply helped spread the word. In addition, the team would like to thank all local businesses who graciously sponsored this event. The idea of community resonated throughout the day as a result of every individual’s support and contributions.

Thank you SB Residents and beyond, for making this city a wonderful place to grow.

SOURCE: Hina Rattu, SBHS CDC Correspondent