Students from the Orchard School math club proudly display the graphs they made as part of their final project for the club.

Orchard Math Club Connects through Graphs

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Thursday June 13, 2013

20 First and Second graders from Orchard School recently participated in an 8 week Math Club.  The club, led by 2 Orchard parent volunteers, was a pilot for a larger club program to be rolled out in the fall.  The goal of math club is to keep the children excited about math by engaging them in fun mathematical activities that enriched and extended the math instruction that they already received during school.  The theme during the spring session was “Graphing”.  Each week, the students practiced a new type of graph, completed math activities, and played math games.  As a final project, each student posed a question to their classmates and graphed the results of their answers in any manner they chose.  The impressive graphs are on display at school for all of the students and parents to enjoy.


SOURCE: Kathie Borrazzo,Orchard PTO