Front row, L to R: Avni Nahar, Joyce Hendley, Joanne Abate, Brittany Manos
Back row, L to R: Sam Bellavance, Daniella Simpatico, Kevin Wang  

PACT Community Award Winners

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Thursday April 19, 2012

Hundreds gathered recently at St. John Vianney Parish Hall in South Burlington for the Community Awards where PACT honored Sam Bellavance, Brittany Manos, Avni Nahar, Daniella Simpatico, Kevin Wang—all South Burlington High School students involved in initiatives to support the well-being of youth-, and community members Joanne Abate and Joyce Hendley for their involvement in work with youth and adults. All of these honorees are working in the community to help build and sustain a community of respect, compassion and equality. 

PACT thanks it’s inspirational awardees for their powerful words and efforts.

SOURCE: Susie Merrick