Rowland Fellow John Painter continues the development of an advisory program for SBHS students in collaboration with the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation.

Painter Awarded Rowland Fellowship

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Thursday May 15, 2014

South Burlington High School teacher John Painter has been awarded a $100,000 Rowland fellowship for the 2014-2015 school year.  The Rowland Foundation is dedicated to supporting visionary leadership within Vermont high schools to help create systematic change that will improve a school’s culture and climate toward learning.  The award was announced in February.

“I am grateful to be a member of the faculty at South Burlington High School where I have had the opportunity to help design and implement advisory programs for first- and second-year students,” Painter said.  “While our current advisory programs are very deliberate steps in the right direction, those steps stop at the end of each student’s sophomore year.” As a Rowland fellow, Painter will design an advisory program for juniors and seniors at SBHS by collaborating with faculty, staff, students, and parents in South Burlington to ensure that the program grows out of a shared vision from all stakeholders. 

Recently SBHS and the Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation collaborated to create the Flyin Ryan Decisions Program.  The Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation is a non-profit endeavor inspired by the life of Ryan Hawks, a 2004 graduate of South Burlington High School.  The mission of the foundation is to expose students to Ryan’s core principles, to inspire students to craft their own set of core principles, and encourage students to act on their principles throughout their lives.  As a result, all sophomores create a list of their core principles to be shared with a panel of guests that includes parents, teachers, community members and friends.  

As a second component of his fellowship, Painter will work with the Flyin Ryan Foundation to share this activity with other Vermont high schools.  Painter has been at SBHS since August of 1999.