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Thursday August 15, 2013

David Parsons is one of the two newest Development Review Board members. He joined the board on July 16, 2013 along with Jennifer Smith who will be introduced in the next edition of The Other Paper. With the addition of these two new members, the DRB returns to a full count of seven members.

How long have you been a South Burlington resident?

My wife and I moved to South Burlington in October of 2011.  We were drawn to South Burlington by the quality of life and convenience of the neighborhoods.  The thing I enjoy most about South Burlington is the great balance between the vibrant business community and beautiful public spaces.  There are three grocery stores and innumerable businesses within a mile of my home and yet I have access to the incredible South Burlington Rec path, Farrell Park, Szymanski Park and more, all within that same small radius.   

What is your background prior to becoming a DRB member?

I’m a lifelong Vermont resident who graduated from CVU and UVM.  I worked in residential real estate for a number of years prior to starting a career in insurance about five and a half years ago. 

Why did you want to be a member of the Development Review Board? 

While working towards my Political Science degree at UVM I became interested in Vermont’s unique tradition of local governance.  My family looks forward to putting down roots in South Burlington and I think a crucial part of that is becoming involved in Civic Life and giving a little to a community that provides us with a lot.  I’ve seen so many changes in the landscape of Chittenden County in my life and thought that being on the DRB would allow me an opportunity to help shape future changes for the benefit of future generations.  

Do you have any goals in your first year on the board? 

Although I have some tangential experience with the development process, I still have so much to learn before becoming a valuable member of the board.  My goals are to familiarize myself with South Burlington’s bylaws and to learn as much as I can by studying recent applications and board decisions.  I’m also going to listen very closely to the city’s incredibly knowledgeable staff and my experienced fellow board members.

Currently, the DRB follows the Land Development Regulations, but do you have an opinion about Form Based Code which could be the new zoning regulation for the entire city? 

I think it’s too early in my term for me to render an opinion on such an important issue.  I’m certainly intrigued by what little I know of Form Based Code and I look forward to learning more about the pros and cons of Form Based Code versus Land Development Regulations.     

What are your interests and hobbies? 

I enjoy going for walks with my wife and our young son around the neighborhood.  I’m an avid runner and I love cooking, traveling, reading and spending time with friends and family.

Veteran Board Members

Mark Behr serves as the Chair of the Development Review Board. Behr works at Richard Henry Behr Architect P.C. as a Senior Project Manager and Director of Design. He is serving a three-year term until 2014 and has been on the DRB since 2005.

Art Klugo serves as the Vice Chair of the board. When he’s not working with fellow DRB members, he works as the Vice President of Real Estate Development for Sugarbush Resort. Klugo joined the board July 2012 and is serving a three-year term through 2015. 

Tim Barritt serves as the Interim Clerk for the board. Barritt has lived in two locations in South Burlington for the last 21 years. By day, Barritt works at IBM as an engineer in an IT department. He is married, and has two children, one who is starting college this fall and one 9th grader. Barritt loves the South Burlington community and tries to take every opportunity to apply this caring where he can, on future developments reviewed by the DRB. Barritt finished his second year of his three year term serving the board.

Michael Sirotkin has a strong legal background having worked for Vermont Legal Aid before becoming a partner in the Mickenburg, Dunn, Sirotkin, and Kupersmith law firm. He established the Governmental Affairs law firm of Sirotkin and Necrason (Montpelier) in 1998. Sirotkin is on a four year term through 2014.

Bill Miller joined the board with Klugo in July 2012. Miller is a consulting CFO for several small and medium companies, and has lived (and walked) in South Burlington for over 20 years, and he sent four children through South Burlington schools. He is currently CFO for Green Lantern Capital and Wall Goldfinger.

The Development Review Board is a seven member volunteer board made up of South Burlington citizens who are appointed by the City Council. The Development Review Board is charged with overseeing subdivision, site plan, conditional use, and all other Board review applications. All meetings are open to the public and are typically held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the City Hall Conference Room at 575 Dorset Street.

SOURCE: Miranda Jonswold, Correspondent