Pennies to Rebuild Vermont’s Covered Bridges

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Thursday November 03, 2011

“Bring us your pennies so we can help rebuild the covered bridges damaged by Hurricane Irene.”  This is the plea that Alisa McClean of South Burlington and her fellow kindergarten classmates at The Schoolhouse are making to their fellow students and family members to help them raise money for the Vermont Covered Bridge Society. 

The effort is part of an annual penny drive that the South Burlington school’s kindergarten class spearheads to raise money for a community activity. Over the years, the money has been used to buy fruit trees and blueberry bushes and to purchase materials to put a proper shingle roof on the school’s tree house. 

“Not only do the pennies go to a good cause,” notes classroom teacher, Nari Penson, “but also they offer great opportunities for building ‘real world’ math skills like counting and grouping. Last month,” she continued, “our class made apple sauce from apple trees purchased with pennies collected by students who are now seniors in high school!!”

Along with raising funds to donate to the Vermont Covered Bridges Society, the kindergarten class visited covered bridges in Charlotte including The Holmes, Sequin and Quinlan covered bridges.  They will also augment their learning with facts, physics and trivia about Vermont’s covered bridges.

The Schoolhouse is an independent elementary school located just off of Dorset Street in South Burlington that celebrates children’s unique talents and nurtures their intellectual and emotional growth.

SOURCE: The Schoolhouse