Left to right,  Jack, Liam, Luke, Patrick, Patrick and Hais participate in problem solving in the Perennial Math program.

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Thursday April 18, 2013

Students from South Burlington, Essex and Shelburne were among the 3,310 students, across 28 states, China and Great Britain, that competed in Perennial Math. The students met monthly, November to February, in the teaching kitchen at Healthy Living. Each test included six problems for the kids to solve using advanced reasoning like logic, sets and number theory. Unlike programs such as Math Olympiad and MathCounts, Perennial Math is focused on individuals and not on schools. This allows students to participate in competition math if their school does not have a team and it allows kids to participate at younger ages, as early as third grade. Paul Fitzgerald recognized the benefits of such a program and formed the first team in Vermont.

Luke Fitzgerald, Orchard School, won the third grade division. Other Orchard school students included second grader Liam Slattery, third grader Patrick Sweeny and fourth grader Andrew Kim. Central School fourth grade student Hais Erikkson also participated. The intermediate division  included Orchard School fifth grader, Patrick Slattery.

Paul believes that the Perennial Math is a good fit for many Vermont students and he hopes to fill the full roster next year, which can accommodate 30 students in each division.  Any families interested in future work with Perennial Math should contact Paul at pkeenanfitzgerald@gmail.com.

SOURCE: Paul Fitzgerald