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Thursday July 03, 2014

A public hearing will be held on the City of South Burlington’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) July 7 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall. The purpose of the hearing will be to give an overview of the program’s fiscal years from 2015-2024 and to give residents a chance to offer comments on amendments to the program, which occur annually.

The CIP serves as a fiscal tool to plan for maintenance, replacement, and construction of public assets, prepare for large public expenditures, and plan for facilities that best meet the needs of citizens and staff that are consistent with the city’s fiscal capacity and comprehensive plan, and to meet statutory requirements. The CIP includes estimated expenditures and revenues over the next ten fiscal years for the following categories: highway/parks, fire department, police department, ambulance, recreation and parks, recreation paths, road and sidewalk improvements, administration, City Center, water tower antenna, sewer, and stormwater. 

Project Director Ilona Blanchard said, “This allows everyone to see everything that’s coming. This is a road map to show what each spending option is and which roads we could go down. The bulk of the CIP is related to maintenance while the other component of the CIP involves projects people have asked for; mainly in the categories of recreation paths and sidewalks, paving, and City Center, since the city has only committed to building Market Street. There are lots of steps to go through in terms of these other projects and many would need to be grant or TIF funded. These are quality of life/expansion of service related projects based on today’s estimates.

SOURCE: Corey Burdick, Correspondent