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Thursday June 04, 2015

The title of Joe Randazzo’s newest novel is Capitol Offenses: House for Sale. This comic romp, recently released by Sprezzatura Books and available on, is a work of fiction about American politics. Randazzo explains, “For years I’ve been publishing op-eds in our local newspapers, but I found I couldn’t scream loudly enough in 500 words or less, so I wrote a book.”

With the upcoming presidential election in November 2016, Randazzo says that thanks to the Citizens United decision, a U.S. constitutional law case dealing with the regulation of campaign spending by organizations, “We will elect the best president money can buy.” As for the comedy in the book, Randazzo was inspired by the loathsomeness of the character Frank Underwood in the Netflix television series House of Cards. He says, “I wanted to create a character that is both utterly immoral and utterly hilarious.” According to Randazzo, the book’s fictional president, Nick Hades, “is so stupid that he goes to Indonesia on vacation, visits an opium den to get an immense, full-torso dragon tattoo, and brags about it at a news conference. He is completely terrified of his wife, Nora, who undercuts him at every opportunity.” Randazzo describes the book as, “basically a romp with a sting in it” and says he sees his audience as, “Pretty much everybody who cares at all about American politics,” adding, “Conservative Republicans will cheer for President Hades. Liberals will get behind the Independent senator from Vermont, Bernice Sandcastle. There’s a real battle between good and evil across political lines.”

Randazzo, a longtime South Burlington resident, took on the job of fulltime writer when he left Homeland Security. Capitol Offenses: House for Sale is his tenth book. He is currently working on two more books, one, a political thriller that takes place in the Middle East and a photo-documentary book on Vermonters.

Randazzo adds, “Vermont is a good place for writers; I could never live anywhere else.”