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Thursday February 09, 2017

For the past several months, the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC), in partnership with nine Chittenden County municipalities, has facilitated a Regional Dispatch Implementation Study with the consultant Deltawrx. The primary purpose of the study was to develop a ‘roadmap to success’ to creating a more effective and efficient approach to dispatching emergency services, police, fire, and rescue. The final report on this intensive effort was presented at two workshops held at South Burlington City Hall January 31.

The multi-faceted project builds on many prior discussions and feasibility studies dating back to the 1960s and is now focused on moving beyond those to actual implementation. Advantages of a more regional approach include faster response time, better service to emergency personnel and to the public, improved working environment for dispatchers, and long term budget efficiencies.

At the February 6 city council meeting Charlie Baker, CCRPC executive director, requested the city appoint a representative to a Joint Survey Committee for Chittenden County Public Safety Services as the initial first formal step in evaluating the creation of a regional public safety dispatch service as a union municipal district, which could be subject to municipal votes as early as March of 2018. Council appointed City Manager Kevin Dorn. Other municipalities involved are Burlington, Colchester, Essex, Milton, Shelburne, Winooski, and Williston.

The CCRPC provides planning and technical assistance in the areas of community development, transportation, agriculture, natural resources, housing, economic development, telecommunications and emergency management to the 19 municipalities of Chittenden County to support sustainable development and improve the region’s environment and quality of life.