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Thursday April 04, 2013

Nearly one thousand creative students from throughout Vermont flowed through Champlain Valley Union High School on Saturday to perform and celebrate their work at the 34th Annual Odyssey of the Mind State Championships. Odyssey of the Mind challenges students to solve long-term and spontaneous problems using innovative solutions that integrate engineering and performance arts. Among those students were South Burlington residents that attend Central, Chamberlin, Orchard, Mater Christi and Christ the King schools. Teams that finished in first or second place earn an invitation to participate at Worlds in Michigan during late May.

Central School fifth graders Tess LaLonde, Sydney Klugo, Nisha Shah, Sarah Brown, Lisa Tchitchkan, Grace Bendoski and Anna Hill dominated the spontaneous task and won the overall for the “Artchitecture” problem in division I, grades 1-5. Anne LaLonde coached this team.

Orchard School’s team included Luke Fitzgerald, Vehit Gupta, Sriram Sethuraman, Austin Skiff, Anjay Skiff, Andrew Kim and Michael Henry, who performed a thrilling musical in the same problem. The team was coached by Paul Fitzgerald.

Chamberlin School’s “Pet Project” team finished third in division I and included Tatiana Banus, Haias Eriksson, Colin Le Duc, Carlos Pinga, Javen Sears, Anthony Stem and David Wilkinson. Michale Wilkinson coached this team. Christ the King student, Michael Bergon also participated in this problem at this level.

Christ the King students Katelyn Marcoux, Sadie Vincent and Olivia Worchester won first place in “It’s How You Look At It” in division II, grades 6-8.  Sean Boyer, Jamie Marcoux, Casey Richards-Bradt and Eli Vincent participated in the “Email Must Go Through”, where they won third  place in division I for Christ the King.  Christ the King also developed a primary team that included both Jesse Richards-Bradt and Claire Vincent in “Top Secret Discoveries.” Mater Christi also fielded a primary team that included Lauren McCabe.

Mater Christi’s “Tumblewood” problem finished in second place in division I and included Ethan Berh who was coached by his father, Mark. The team’s balsa structure held more than 200 pounds using only glue and balsa wood, which was the highest amount held by any of the division I or II teams! 

With the regular season over, many of the teams will take stock of what worked well and how the teams might grow in the future. The teams extend a sincere thanks to the communities, schools and families that supported them through the season. Next year’s problems will be announced in the fall. Families interested in learning more about Odyssey of the Mind should should contact their local schools for more information or visit the Odyssey of the Mind website, http://www.odysseyofthemind.com/.
SOURCE:  Odyssey of the Mind