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Thursday September 13, 2012

Laughter and excitement filled the warm summer air during Rick Marcotte Central School’s annual Kindergarten playdate.  Sponsored by the PTO on Saturday August 25th, incoming kindergarteners and families were invited for a morning of play and orientation at the RMCS playground.
The children played and explored their new surroundings while meeting new friends. Some kindergarteners are new to the school while others have visited before with older siblings already attending RMCS. The morning began with greetings and introductions and ended with a special visit from Rick Marcotte Central School Principal, Sue Luck.

While the morning activities came to a close, some new children took the opportunity to talk about what they were most excited about for kindergarten.  Sawyer Bailey expressed that she is “most excited about going to the library”; while Blake Truchon said that he is “excited about seeing his big sister Lilly in the hall.”  Marina Fisher talked about how she is “mostly excited about everything.” All three children have older siblings that attend Rick Marcotte Central School.

School Principal Sue Luck gathered the children to talk to them about the RMCS motto “Where Everybody Is Somebody.”  Each morning during morning announcements this motto is recited along with the phrase “Choose to make this a great day.”  Sue Luck assured the new kindergarteners that the teachers would be there for them when they entered the school to help them find their way.  Luck said that she “works hard to learn everyone’s name and will even eventually know how they hold their pencil.”  For the first few weeks of school, the new students wear name tags so that they can learn each others names. 

The start of a new school year is always an exciting time for both new students and returning students…a new beginning for all.  The PTO of Rick Marcotte Central School is always excited to learn about new ideas that help bring the community together.  There are many family focused events planned for this school year including Pizza/Movie Night in November, Barnes and Noble Book Fair in December and Family Fun Night in January.  Additionally, the PTO will continue to support class field trips, Hands on Nature, school assemblies and many student related clubs. 

Please join us for the next PTO meeting on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 from 6:30–7:45 pm in the Art Room at RMCS.  http://central.sbschools.net/pto/.

SOURCE: Julie Brancato, RMCS PTO